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Technology Services

Technology tools are used to assist in the delivery of instruction to our students.  It is our mission to provide quality service that delivers, supports and guides that technology, in an effort to maximize teaching and learning.

Teachers have access to cloud-based core instructional materials and electronic learning resources. 

Classrooms are equipped with Chromebooks, mobis, document cameras and 72” TV monitors or LCD projectors as a means to deliver information to students in an effective and engaging manner.

Students have access to technology at all school sites, in all classrooms, libraries and computer labs.  They are provided a variety of age-appropriate educational software in the classroom and lab environment.  Students are also provided safe Internet access at designated workstations.

Gmail Migration – a whole new domain!

Our district successfully stepped into the Google pond with Chromebooks and Google Apps this past school year.  Through our Google training, most staff have had a chance to use the Chromebooks and get familiar with some of Google's tools.  Remember, our email domain name is: @dcjesd.us, while our official website remains www.drycreek.k12.ca.us.

Students  and  Gmail

In line with the District’s vision to provide to students access SBAC testing, in addition to 21st Century web-based tools and technology, DCJESD has provided each student with a District-sponsored Gmail account. This also allows students access to Google Apps for Education (GAFE) suite of tools. These tools will empower students to communicate using Google Email, a powerful email program without the advertisements; manage time and schedules with an online calendar; and collaborate with documents, spreadsheets, or presentations and export them to traditional desktop programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The ease and accessibility of real-time partnering with teachers and fellow students will be a huge benefit.

Gmail‘s enhanced security features like encrypted connections to Google’s servers, spam filtering and sender authentication provide additional safety measures to our students.

TK-K-1 Tablet Pilot

As a means to ensure every grade level has exposure to the latest and greatest technology, will be deploying an ipad device program for Transitional Kinder – 1st grade levels.  A select group of teachers are tested a variety of devices in their classrooms, from iPads to Samsung Tablets.  We already know that no finger is too tiny to swipe; it’s just a matter of figuring out what they like!

Chromebooks and Carts and COWs… Oh My!

Chromebooks are fast, portable computers that give our students access to the web's rich educational tools & resources.  Pair those with “smart” carts that hold 36 devices, well then you have Chromebooks on Wheels, or COWs, as our students affectionately refer to them.

In the 2013-14 school year, our Technology Team deployed nearly 1800 Chromebooks or 46 COWs.  And we are just getting started.  Phase two 2015/2016 of our deployment added 26 COWs across our 9 schools.  The capability of rolling COWs from one classroom to the next preserves valuable instruction time and provides more access to technology than our students have ever had before.  With the ability of our Tech Team to manage and service Chromebooks in house, we won’t be putting these COWs out to pasture any time soon!

Student Computer Lab Upgrades

Student computer labs, district-wide, are being re-imaged and upgraded to Windows 7 as we phase out Windows XP.  Each computer lab continues to provide a traditional computer experience with all the power needed to run complex applications.  Most of the older classroom computers have been removed due to obsolesce.  Teachers and students are encouraged to use ChromeBooks instead.

Network Upgrades

Over the Winter break, we successfully upgraded our network bandwidth for Internet connectivity to more closely align with Common Core requirements.  The district now has a 1 gigabit connection via Consolidated Communications and a 250 megabit connection via Placer County Office of Education.  This allowed for the addition of more Chromebooks and also provided the added benefit of increased performance of all desktop computers and applications throughout our district, directly meeting the needs of staff and students

Thank you for your continued support,

Your Technology Team 

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Director of Technology

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Network Specialist

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Technology User Support

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Technician II - AM, CVR & CR

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Technician II - HO, QG & SMS

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Technician II - ACMS, BR & OL

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Technician I - iPads, Chromebooks

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