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Special Education

  • Pre-School Program

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District provides special education services to preschool students between the ages of three and five years who are identified as having special needs.  The district provides speech-language therapy through the Parent Participation Preschool Intervention Program (PPPIP).  The district also offers a special day class for preschool students with more intense educational needs.

  • Designated Instructional Services

Designated Instructional Services (DIS) are those supplemental services that are necessary for a child to benefit from his/her educational program.  In considering the unique needs of the individual student the IEP team may determine there is a need for Designated Instructional Services. Examples of these services include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, transportation and adapted physical education. 

  • Self-Contained Special Day Class

A self-contained special day class on a regular school campus is a program placement that provides intensive instruction and services to pupils when the nature or severity of the disability precludes their participation in the general education program for most of the school day.  The district currently offers special day classes for students in preschool through eighth grade.

  • Placer County Office of Education (PCOE)

Placer County Office of Education provides special day classes for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Other itinerant services provided through PCOE include Orientation and Mobility, visual services, services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, adapted physical education and services for students who are orthopedically impaired. 

  • Placer Infant Program

Placer Infant Program provides specialized support and services to children with special needs prior to age three years.  To refer a child to the Placer Infant Program please call the SELPA Program Specialist at (530) 745-1344 or contact the Placer Infant Program directly at (916) 774-3437. 

  • Special Education Local Plan Area

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District is part of the Placer County Special Education Local Plan Area or SELPA.  One of the supports that Placer County SELPA provides to parents and school districts is the services of a program specialist.  The SELPA program specialist provides coordination, consultation and program development to school districts.  The program specialist is a resource for both teachers and parents. 

  • Special Education Advisory Task Force 

Special Education Department Contacts:

Jodi Allen,Director of Special Education

Jennifer Nelson, Coordinator of Special Programs

Brenda Priley, Secretary - Director of Special Education