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California Math Expressions Common Core



Math Expressions Common Core is a nationally recognized K–6 elementary math curriculum that combines aspects of traditional pedagogical approaches with the most powerful elements of standards-based instruction. This program was developed by a member of the Common Core State Standards review committee and one of the writers of the Learning Progressions. Math Expressions Common Core offers full support of the Common Core Standards by focusing on the CCSS and integrating the math practices and learning progressions in every lesson. This program emphasizes deeper understanding through real-world problems, modeling, Math Talk, and exploration in order to build ideas that make sense to students.




   Our Scott Foresman Social Studies program provides activities that will allow our students to learn more about themselves, as well as the people around them.

These units will be supplemented with other materials to make lessons centered around your students. 


Our units of study are titled:

-California Regions (Land and water in your area)

-California Indians Past and Present

-Rules and Laws (Branches of Government)




               We use hands-on Foss Science Kits to explore and learn about the following areas:



Sun, Moon, and Stars Matter and Energy Structures of Life

Module Overview

Module Overview

Module Overview


P.E. "Spark"  San Diego University Foundation

SPARK Alignment to the Common Core


Sparks Healthy Kids Quiz




McGraw Hill Wonders California Grade 3 an ELA/ELD Program


(English Language Arts/English Language Development)


"The Power of Connected Programs

California Wonders is a comprehensive K-6 ELA/ELD program built on the California Framework and the CA Common Core State Standards. Through its connected pathways, intentional instruction, and inspiring content, Wonders prepares all students for college and career in the 21st century.

Discover the power of connected programs written specifically for California."



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