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Send a lunch with your child every day. Hot lunch may be purchased for $3.00 if desired. Please pay ahead for lunches either online or by check- made out to RFS. (Write your child's student number at the top of the check.) Contact the office or food services department if you have any questions.


To see if you qualify for free or reduced lunch program please Click Here


View the breakfast and lunch menu here.

Absences and Independent Study


If your child is going to be absent, please call the absence line at 770-8816 ext  1 .


Contracts are available for students who must be absent from school for reasons other than illness. The absence must be for a minimum of 5 consecutive days. A contract must be signed by a parent and submitted to our school office at least five working days prior to your child's last school day to allow us time to put together appropriate lessons.

Classwork and notices


Check your child's backpack DAILY for incomplete classwork and notices from the office. Any assignment that is not completed during class time needs to be finished at home.

Classroom Policies and Procedures

Parent Drop off and Pick up

8:05- Breakfast only.

8:15- Fit walk on the playground. Please do not linger by classrooms!

Note: If you are pulling in the driveway, please pull to the curb all the way forward to the green zone in front of the black iron fence (not in front of the office). For your child's safety, do not double park! 

8:25- a bell will ring calling all students to class. Students will line up in front of their classrooms quietly. -

8:30- instruction begins. Students who arrive after 8:30 will be marked tardy.

If your child arrives after 8:45 you must sign him/her in at the office.


At the end of the day, please remain off campus until the bell rings. When the final bell rings at 2:41,  you may enter the campus to meet your child at your agreed upon "meeting spot." . All other students will be waiting in the green zone in front of the iron fence area at the end of the driveway. All parents must stay with their vehicles at all times or park in the parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation



Please remind your child to use the restroom before school begins each day. We will remind them before recess and lunch. Students will be allowed to sign out to use the restroom during instructional time as per district policy. Your  teacher may send home a note at the end of the week if your student has left the room multiple times in the week. Instructional time is precious, and leaving the room for 10 minutes may impact learning.

Your Child's Academic Progress


Click here to access  Powerschool Portal for parents.


If you have used Powerschool before than you probably changed your login. If you are new to Antelope Meadows you should have the password that was provided to you at Back to School Night to log in to your child's account.

If you need additional help logging in to Powerschool please click here.


You can access our online grade books at any time to see your student's scores as tests are given. First trimester parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled online during which we will discuss your child's progress and report card. In addition to three report cards, progress reports will be sent home mid-way through each trimester, so you will receive a written report every six weeks of school. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at any time if you have questions or concerns



Please label all items that might be lost at school with your child's name. (Lost items may be claimed from the lost in found in the cafeteria.) Review our dress code in the Parent/Student Handbook, as students wearing inappropriate clothing must be sent to the office to change.


Your child should be able to tie his/her own shoes and must wear clothes that can be managed independently when using the restroom.


Reminder: no spaghetti strap shirts or sandals without a back strap. Children must wear shoes that are appropriate for physical activity


Our school participates in an accelerated reader program. This program tests students reading and gives them an independent reading level. From there students can check out books from the library, classroom, or even read books from home in order to gain points. If students reach their point and comprehension goals and the end of the trimester they receive a special reward!


To quickly check the book level and points of a book you have at home click here.


To login to students accelerated reader accounts from home  click here.

Here you and your child can see their book level, goals, and comprehension score. 

Water and Snack

You may wish to send a small, healthy snack and bottle of water with your child. Students must keep snack items in their backpacks or designated snack basket until recess time. Students can eat their snack an either recess under the shade structure on the playground. Please make sure water bottles are able to close so they do not spill. Water bottles are especially important on hot days and days your child has PE. 




If you choose to send in a birthday treat for the class, check the district Wellness Guide.. Keep in mind that district policy does not allow us to pass out homemade food treats.

To avoid hurt feelings, students may not pass out any party invitations on campus! If you would like another way to pass out invitations please contact your child's teacher.