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Weekly Homework


           Homework will come home on Fridays and must be completed and returned the following Thursday to receive full homework credit. The Homework Folder is also used as a means of communicating with you, so be sure to check inside each week for important papers from your teacher or the office.

           Homework is designed to be a review of concepts taught in the classroom, and it serves as a guide for you to help your child at home. In first grade, the expectation is that students spend about 30 minutes each night on Homework (this includes reading). At this age students should be reading every day for at least twenty minutes. In addition to your nightly assigned reading, this would be a great time to explore other varieties of literature from your own or the public library. 

           Also, be sure to check out the fun and educational games posted on our site for supplemental practice. The links are listed in the "Learning Links” section.

           If you have any questions or concerns regarding homework at any time, please contact your child’s teacher right away.



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Links to Homework

Reading Binder

Our nightly reading homework.


Interactive Bird Video, Math on the Spot & Math Models 


List of activities to do with your spelling homework.

Learning Links

A fun way to learn by playing games!

SIPPS Flashcards

Click on name to download



SIPPS Beginning 1-11:      

see, I the, you, can, me, and, we, on, is yes, are

SIPPS Beginning 12-23:  

no, isn't, he, she, get, can't, under, to, was, wasn't, go, down

SIPPS Beginning 24-31:

saw, my, where, here, by, they, little, put, what, do, like, have

SIPPS Beginning 32-36:

home, said, her, of, out, name, some, come, make, say, says

SIPPS Beginning 37-42:

be, look, there, over, want, water, from, for, find, people, again, many

SIPPS Beginning 43-48:

your, very, were, could, should, would, one, two, both, good, does, other

SIPPS Beginning 49-55:

woman, women, every, around, toward, their, children, heard, give, live(2)



SIPPS Extension R1-5:

so, why, fly, all, ball, call, small, our, day, way, play

SIPPS Extension R6-15:

old, cold, gold, any, bird, goes


SIPPS Extension 1-4:

their, too, father, walk, talk, water, other, mother, brother, food, very, two

SIPPS Extension 5-7:

live (2), give, look, been, large, every, after, carry, again, both

SIPPS Extension 8-10:

could, would, wild, child, children, friend, school, pull, full, watch

SIPPS Extension 11-14:

were, don't, won't, good, most, read (2), move, people, ready, today, work, great

SIPPS Extension 15-18:

who, push, done, gone, few, sure, word, because, love, answer, nothing, once

SIPPS Extension 19-22:

ago, kind, mind, should, ever, never, even, change, only, woman, women

SIPPS Extension 23-25:

toward, won, often, head, bread, four, beautiful, true, blue

SIPPS Extension 26-28:

Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss whole whose who's picture eye guess

SIPPS Extension 29-32:

busy, build, built, hour, buy, moth, shoe, piece, money, key, door, floor

SIPPS Extension 33-36:

half, toe, eight, tie, pie, lie, young, caught, climb, bought, brought, thought

SIPPS Extension 37-40:

learn, heard, earth, early, group, through, since, either, neither, heart, enough