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Please communicate with me at  

Our school phone number is 916-770-8816
Our classroom is room K-2

Our class hours are 8:30-1:26 TWTHF, 8:30-1:45 Mondays



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Mrs. March

Kindergarten 2017-2018


Welcome to Mrs. March's "SEUSS" CLASS 

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To Practice


Drawing a picture of themselves

Cutting with scissors, using glue sticks

Pencil/Crayon/Fine motor skills

Writing upper and lower case letters

Writing numbers 0-10

Letter names

Letter sounds

Counting to 100




Updates & Reminders

Hello Families,

Welcome to our class web-site! I will update it monthly-usually around the first of each month. We have had a really great start to our kindergarten year. I am loving this class and it seems-by their smiley faces each morning-that they love school. I have seen friendships form, routines and procedures learned, and a LOT of learning happening!

September brings the study of apples and how trees grow. We have apple tasted, graphed our favorite type, done some apple cycle art and writing, and read a lot of non-fictional books about how apples grow. We have watched video of apple orchards and the process of how apple trees change throughout the seasons, and sang apple songs and chants. While I flash card all each day, we have focused on our sight words (high frequency words) can, I, the and we. Next week is the word see. All of our books we have been making and reading, our readers that match our reading program have sentences and stories using these sight words. It is very organized and really helps the students feel successful when they recognize the words in the text. We have built sentences using these words and the students are excited to figure out which words go where in the sentences we make in our class pocket charts. We have gone through the entire alphabet and so now we are focusing on letter of the week to practice hearing that sound in the beginning end and if it is a vowel, the middle of words. We are also practicing forming the letter properly. Last week was Mm and this week Aa. Next week is Ss. I hope this helps so at home you can focus on these as well. We have also been working hard on vocabulary and language. Our words are challenging but one thing I have noticed is that this group of students seem to have been read to a lot. They answer a lot of questions about the story, seem to know a lot of more challenging words, and are comfortable asking questions about the text. This makes are lessons fun and so educational! In math we are working on math vocabulary such as less, greater, equal, numbers and number writing, and matching objects to the number.

We are busy, busy, busy bees!



Sharing day this Friday 9/15 as our marble jar is full!

Wear tennis shoes on Tuesday, September 19th for Sami's Circuit exercise morning

Family Picnic (grandparents encouraged) and Book Fair 9/21 Time for our class announced in e-mail soon

No school on September 22nd-Teacher In-service

Homework due 9/28 with your child's name on it!








help wanted sign swing hg clr.gif

  • Volunteers  In class: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays appox.10-11 a.m. Pick a day if you can! Volunteers must schedule with teacher ahead of time and sign in at the office for their sticker every time. Thank you so much to my weekly volunteers-you have been sooo helpful!!
  • at  home "prep" help 
  • copiers on school machines
  • art docent (there is training for this-it is a blast!)--Thank you Mrs. Love, Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Pollock for stepping up! We are lucky to have you.
  • music docent (so fun!)
  • PE parent (I'll be there too-we can split the class up for smaller groups/games!)
  • special talent/occupation?
  • holiday parties-TBA
  • field trip/special days-TBA
  • supplies-our list is on the school website and will also be mailed to you--thank you for your generosity! We received a lot this year!