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Jennifer Buettner Locker

How to contact Mrs. Buettner




To log on to McGraw Hill Wonders, first log on to your

gmail account, then clip on the McGraw Hill app







Mrs. Buettner

Welcome to 2nd Grade!




School lunch checks are made out to RCSD.


Library books are due on Tuesdays.


P.E. is on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please wear sneakers (not sandals).



Wednesdays are college days.  We are Cal Poly Pomona, which is green and yellow.  So just wearing something green, or yellow or both will do!

Friday is Blue & White day!


Current Read Aloud:  Ginger Pye, by Eleanor Estes

Items to Donate:  black whiteboard markers, disinfecting wipes, wrapped candies (for dojo winners and 100% spelling tests), pencil top erasers, sharpies.


Upcoming Dates: 



3/17 - 4/2 - Spring Break


4/3 - school resumes


Computer Info:


Your child's Google account is accessed by their email.  In your homework folder, you will find an username and password.  Their username (4 letters, 4 numbers) + "" is their email.  










Homework for this week:

Kids write down their assignments, so here is a cheat sheet in case it is unreadable!



3/5- math 7.3

         bring library book for tomorrow!



3/6 - math 7.4


3/7- math  7.5


3/8 - math   7.6







Spelling Words:  -   Spelling this week: clerk, herd, first, skirt, stir, churn, hurt, burst, work, worse, know, wrist, found, from, today


Library books due on Tuesdays


P.E. on Mon. & Wed.  (wear sneakers and bring water bottle!)