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Please communicate with me at  

Our school phone number is 916-770-8816
Our classroom is room K-2

Our class hours are 8:30-1:26 TWTHF, 8:30-1:45 Mondays



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Mrs. March

Kindergarten 2017-2018


Welcome to Mrs. March's "SEUSS" CLASS 

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To Practice


Sight Words

Counting to 100

Sentence/story writing with spaces and sounding out words

Be read to and have your family ask you a lot of questions about the story


Writing numbers



Updates & Reminders

Dear Families,

Wow we have been working hard in our class! We have had so much fun learning about American Symbols. We have done art, directed draws, read a lot of factual books, done tons of writing, and taken virtual field trips to see the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and Washington DC where we learned all about our past Presidents. We also know about the Bald Eagle and what our flag means. We are currently studying transportation and are learning so much about airplanes, trains, cars, bikes, and ships. Our writing really improves when we have topics that are interesting to us and charts and posters to help us with our writing. In math we will soon be working on our subtraction unit. Our reading is taking off and the students seem to love the practice books going home. I have some students taking a new book nightly! We enjoyed an assembly from the bubble lady (science) and our Phillip even got a huge bubble surround him! April and May bring us the study of farm and small creatures/plants as well. We look forward to our Hoe-Down, a field trip, and Open House. Have a wonderful spring break everyone and I will see you back Tuesday, April 3rd.

Mrs. March






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  • Volunteers  In class: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays appox.10-11 a.m. Pick a day if you can! Volunteers must schedule with teacher ahead of time and sign in at the office for their sticker every time. Thank you so much to my weekly volunteers-you have been sooo helpful!!
  • at  home "prep" help 
  • copiers on school machines
  • art docent (there is training for this-it is a blast!)--Thank you Mrs. Love, Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Pollock for stepping up! We are lucky to have you.
  • music docent (so fun!)
  • PE parent (I'll be there too-we can split the class up for smaller groups/games!)
  • special talent/occupation?
  • holiday parties-TBA
  • field trip/special days-TBA
  • supplies-our list is on the school website and will also be mailed to you--thank you for your generosity! We received a lot this year!