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Accelerated Reader


Our school participates in an accelerated reader program. This program tests students reading and gives them an independent reading level. From there students can check out books from the library, classroom, or even read books from home in order to gain points. If students reach their point and comprehension goals and the end of the trimester they receive a special reward!


To quickly check the book level and points of a book you have at home click here.


To login to students accelerated reader accounts from home  click here.

Here you and your child can see their book level, goals, and comprehension score. 



           All students will receive a homework folder. Homework will come home most days and is to be completed and returned. The Homework Folder is also used as a means of communicating with you, so be sure to check inside each week for important papers from your teacher or the office.


           Homework is designed to be a review of concepts taught in the classroom, and it serves as a guide for you to help your child at home. In third grade, the expectation is that students should be reading every day for at least twenty minutes. In addition to your nightly assigned reading, this would be a great time to explore other varieties of literature from your own or the public library. 

If your child cannot find their spelling list, or you want to know some of the topics being learned this week please visit  Wonders Resources . Here you will find the spelling lists as well as the comprehension strategies we are focusing on. 


           If you have any questions or concerns regarding homework at any time, please contact your child’s teacher right away.