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Language Arts:

Focus Standard:  RI.4.2  Main idea & details; summary 

Current story:  Bud, Not Buddy



Unit 7: Fractions


Social Studies:




Writer's Notebooks - Informational writing



see Mr. Devine's webpage


PE - games

Important Information

No school Monday, February 20


Trimester 2 ends this Friday, Feb. 17

Report cards go home Friday, Feb. 24






Debbie Reedy


Vocabulary words

puny - small; weak


grateful - thankful


lugged - to pull with great effort


privilege - a special right or advantage


errands - a short journey to deliver or collect something

Upcoming Tests

Spelling & DLI quiz every Friday (or last day of school week).


Science test Thursday, Feb. 23


Jog-a-thon on Friday, Feb. 24 - wear comfortable shoes!






Bud, Not Buddy "menu" project is due Feb. 22.  In addition to the comic strip that students completed in class, each student must choose 2 other activities to complete at home and present to the class.


Don't forget to check out the online math practice.  

Each night, students will have one math activity and one spelling activity unless otherwise noted in their planners.

Mr. Devine's Science Class

Spelling Test Feb. 17

Spelling Words 



Core Words



1.  under

2.  against

3.  between

4.  over

5.  within

6.  above

7.  around

8.  below

9.  beneath

10. across


High Frequency

11. thought

12. through

13. possibly

14. doesn't 

15. together


Affixes/Root Words

Prefix: sub

Meaning: under


16. submarine

17. subway

18. submerge

19. subterranean

20. subset


Helpful websites

Math practice with specific standards



Website connected with our math program