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Math: Think Central

Go Math

Kindergarten Math: Think Central

1.  Go to http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com

2.  Select your state, district, and school.

3.  Enter you user name and password.

     User name: first 4 characters in your last name & last 4 numbers of student I.D.

     Password: student I.D. number

Don't forget to click the log in

4. Click Log In

5. Click on My Library

Click on Library

6. Scroll down and find Interactive Student Edition eBook, GK

Interactive Student Ed.jpg

7.Another window will pop up. This is the bird video we watch in class to introduce the lesson concepts.

Bird Video.jpg

8. Click on the correct Chapter. 


9. Now find the lesson and click on it.


10. Another window will pop up. Work through the lesson beginning on the start button and finishing on the red personal math trainer that supports the homework.


Math trainer start.jpg  Personal trainer.jpg

11. In “My Library” you can also find:

Math on the spot videos       Animated Math Models.jpg

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