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Sacramento State University. Go Hornets!

Sacramento State University.        Go Hornets!

Mollie Middleton Locker

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Class Code: middl2

Ms. Middleton's 4th Grade Class


Today: 11/24/17


-September 22nd-Family Picnic Day

-September 23rd- No School

-October 24th-28th Red Ribbon Week

-October 18th end of Trimester 1

-October 31-November 4th. Parent teacher conferences 













Monday 9/26/2016

-Read 20 min

-Multiplication practice

-Spelling packet due Thursday. 3 items

-Pg. 47












Spelling Words Test on 8/29/16

Spelling Words

Week 6


Core Words

          - Long /i/

          -Open Syllable

          -Silent e

1. size

2. prize

3. child

4. quite

5. sunrise

6. write

7. bright

8. sign

9. wife

10. drive


High Frequency


11. too

12. two

13. those

14. direction

15. subject


Affixes/Root Words

          -Root: cent

          -Meaning: one hundred


16. cent

17. century

18. centipede

19. percent

20. centennial


Vocabulary Words Test on 8/25/16

Survivors: People who have survived

Unsinkable: Impossible to sink

Wreckage: The remains of something that has been destroyed

Plaques: Flat markers that are engraved with words

Voyage: a long journey to a distant place (usually by ship)

Funnels: Smokestacks

Second Class: Just below the highest, or first class